Excel Intermediate

Associated Courses

R900.00 R450.00


The Excel Intermediate Course includes the following modules:

  1. Work with Large Worksheets
  2. Work with Multiple Workbooks
  3. Apply Advanced Formatting
  4. Sort Data
  5. Filter Data
  6. Create a Custom List in Excel
  7. Use Flash Fill
  8. Use Paste Special Options
  9. Create and use Tables
  10. Create and use Range Names
  11. Use Basic Functions
  12. Understand Relative and Absolute References
  13. Use Basic Statistical Functions
  14. Use Basic Text Functions
  15. Use Basic Date Functions
  16. Perform Multiple Worksheet Calculations
  17. Use Comments
  18. Split Text into Columns
  19. Remove or Show Duplicates
  20. Validate Data
  21. Consolidate Data
  22. Outline Data
  23. Add Subtotals
  24. Add Subtotals
  25. Protect Worksheets and Workbooks
  26. Create Charts and Sparklines